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The consensus is that the Warriors will win their first round match-up against the San Antonio Spurs.  Some say it will take 5 games. Some say 7.
Nobody, except maybe the Warriors themselves, see ...



It's All-Star season again so time for some fun at the expense of the Warriors. 
Team Steph didn't win. Team KD did. Klay didn't win the 3-point trophy. Draymond made all his points from the lin...


Warriors jazz 30

After the Warriors blowout in Utah, @utahjazz tweeted this.

But minutes later they deleted the tweet. I'm not sure why. It's a classic. The Warriors should put it on a wall.
The Jazz came to pl...



OK. Yes, we all love to see the marquee Warriors: Steph, KD, Klay and Green
But tonight against Memphis, we got to see another group that has gelled into something special in their own right. On t...


Glue Guys

The NBA does continue to roll on.  The finals attracted the most viewers in nearly 20 years. Then the draft. Now the free-agent market.
For the Warriors, things have been going w...


Jordon bell

One could say that smart Californians look north.  And the Warriors are proving themselves to be pretty darn smart.
It didn't seem like the Dubs would have much to say at the draft this year but t...


Warriors 2017

And it looks like these trophies won't be darkening the door at the WH this year.


Kevin durant 021117 getty ftr 5wvtclc6n5zb1i3o5m6swibcs

16 and 0 in the playoffs would have been sweet.  But giving up a game on the Cav's home court - something for their fans - isn't the end of the world.  And the flip side is that the Dubs will be ab...


It's the Trailblazers.  Round one of the playoffs starts this weekend, with the first two games in Oakland.
Charles Barkley thinks the Blazers will win at least'two games against the Warriors.  I'...


Curry no 3s

That game I watched the other day.  Steph Curry didn’t hit a single 3.  Just about nobody on the team hit any.  They still won, but it wasn’t as fun.  Or was it?

A big bunch of the Warriors’ ...



Why is this so funny?

Would this work with Bill Gates and the original band of Microsoft pranksters.  Or Jobs and the Apple crew?  Or Obama and his first campaign clique?
Probably not.  We have...